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The Correct Method of Visiting the Orthodontist

Dex has a brace. That thing they do, squeezing rubber into the child’s open mouth. Child bites. Impression made. And the next time you go, there on the side table is a spooky plaster replica of your son’s teeth, hewn straight from his skull and adorned with a wire-and-plastic gizmo, a foul medieval device to […]

The Greek Holiday Paint Chart

It’s taken a while. On Chios—the last island before Turkey—last summer, I took some photos for the colour alone. I finally got around to making a collection of flat, single-colour images. It’s weird to see them as blocks of colour and while I think Basil nails it, Sea is just not even close. But here […]

Small pleasures

I took a break from type-setting 242 individual drum patterns mid-morning, taking good coffee and a toasted bagel into the sharp, icy sunlight. Sitting on the step below the shed, stock still, gazing at the motionless fish in the pond, I became aware of little flicks of life just above my head. I turned my […]

Everyone for tennis?

Communal showers, fresh fruit, and did I mention coffee?

Coffee secrets

Caffeine is in lots of things…