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Barber shop – Voice mixing by Nicolas

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Soirée with Luce #menton A photo posted by David Harrison (@dalstondavid) on May 21, 2016 at 11:24am PDT

The Pootle

12 Aug 2015 A couple of days on the road. Hoping to reach Lyon by nightfall on Saturday, we made good progress until Chalon sur Saône where, as tradition dictates, we entered the Pootle, the obligatory routine initiated by Heather on the first night of driving.   It generally begins something like this. At around […]

Ellie’s Finger's%20Finger.mp3      

Sir Duke

Dusted off the Selmer last night. Was watching a terrible Clint Eastwood film mid-afternoon, eyes half closed, when facebook pinged. Did someone know a sax player in Hackney, ping. David Harrison? ping. Just around the corner, ping. And ping and ping. And here’s the set list, ping. Some funny keys, but I did a quick […]

Can you help Mikey?

If you’ve lived in Dalston for any length of time, or even just walked through the shopping centre at Dalston Cross, you’re bound to have seen Mikey, Dalston’s favourite busker and Hackney’s friendliest man. He’s out in all weathers. He’s had his ups and downs, and sometimes he struggles to make ends meet, but he […]

A Christmas Tale of Tolerance & Goodwill

Those who know me mostly know me for my wit and charm, for my fine social skills and above all for my discretion. Those who know me better also know also that I have a brother with whom I never speak. I have literally had two short conversations with him since 1978. One of the […]

Duolingo to the Rescue

Our third attempt at taking a train went even worse than the previous two. We had arrived on Thursday night and headed off for Ventimiglia market on Friday morning. We strode confidently through and behind the Old Town, down beside the botanic gardens, to the sleepy little station at Garavan, a single platform either side […]

Dan – Wedding photo book