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And & +

Using Nick Shinn’s Handsome font family was fine until I needed an ampersand. He had a modified + and I really wanted an &. Using elements of existing characters as the basis, and compiling in Fontographer, I spent a little while on it. Character mapping is a real pain, but only because I don’t really […]

Modes of the Major Scale

Here’s a novel way to view the seven modes of the major scale. Each row is a mode, across twelve columns representing a one-octave chromatic scale. So the top row is the lydian mode, moving down until the bottom row—the locrian mode. The lydian has the brightest sound, since it has the sharpest overall intervals, […]

The English Spring Paint Chart

By popular demand, a seasonal companion to the successful Greek Holiday Paint Chart. Here’s a pixel palette collected from my garden in Hackney today.

The Greek Holiday Paint Chart

It’s taken a while. On Chios—the last island before Turkey—last summer, I took some photos for the colour alone. I finally got around to making a collection of flat, single-colour images. It’s weird to see them as blocks of colour and while I think Basil nails it, Sea is just not even close. But here […]